Let your records show their soul with the BennyAudio Turntable

The history of the turntable dates back to the 19th century...

... and although the design or recording standards of vinyl records have changed a lot since then, one thing remains the same - the idea. The turntable is still an analog device, although full of modern solutions.

BennyAudio turntables are user-friendly, simple but uncompromising structures containing advanced solutions and modern materials. We constantly try to match the still unrivaled turntables from the "vinyl era".

We do everything to ensure your vinyl records sound as true as possible, and each record tells its own unique story, even if it plays with scratches and crackles.


The path from idea to implementation is long and demanding. It involves concept sketches, technical drawings, 3D modelling in CAD tools, prototyping and verification of the final sound quality.

Each of our turntable concepts has gone through this complex path to deliver the finest quality product with a unique design and sound.

Customer feedback is very important to us - it helps us make improvements to future projects.



The exclusive distributor of BennyAudio products in Poland is Premium Sound sp. z o.o.