General information

The Immersion model is a development of the T1 model. In Immersion, several solutions have been simplified without compromising the turntable’s parameters. Immersion also has a slimmer design although it weighs almost as much as the T1. The model was tested and reviewed by Wojciech Pacuła in HIGHFIDELITY.PL magazine – issue May(EN)/April(PL) 2020 No. 192.
Version 2 introduced in 2022 is equipped with new tonearm with VTA on the fly, oil damping and monocrystalline silver wiring by Albedo

Approx. 29 kg (one arm, without power supply)

Without arm


  • height 20 cm from the base to the plate
  • depth 30 cm
  • width 48.5 cm 

33,33 / 45 RPM

Digital control

The turntable is available in different colours:

  • natural veneer in matt or gloss finish
  • any vinyl veneers from an extensive colour and texture range 
  • microplasma-anodized aluminum arm parts

Technical information

The plinth is the main part of the turntable made by hand from several layers of carefully selected beech plywood – glued and then reinforced for greater rigidity. 

The top and bottom of the plinth are finished with 10mm thick aluminium plates followed by 3mm thick stainless-steel plates and 2mm layers of vibration damping material.

The tonearm is bolted to a POM cylinder rigidly attached to the plinth base.

This turntable is designed for a single tonearm.

Both the tonearm and the plinth are fully earthed.

12.5-inch unipivot tonearm

Materials used:

  • headshell – microplasma-anodised aluminum/carbon fiber rigidly connected with the tonearm tube. (1/2 inch)
  • arm – damped carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel
  • 30AWG 5N PCOCC cabling. RCA wired directly to the cartridge.
  • RCA connectors from the Australian company KLE Innovations
  • The tonearm if fully adjustable for easy mounting of a variety of different cartridge types.

Tonearm introduced in version 2 (2022) includes:

  • VTA on tle fly
  • oil damping
  • monocrystalline silver wiring by Albedo
  • all parts are made with precision by CNC machining

A plate handmade from 65mm thick Polyacetal (POM).

Available colour: black

Widely used by many leading turntable manufacturers, POM is an engineering thermoplastic that works perfectly as a turntable platter due to its vinyl-like properties.

Inverted, hydrodynamic bearing.

The main part is aluminium with 15mm stainless steel core rotating smoothly in a slide sleeve made of synthetic composites.

This solution is widely applied in the automotive and heavy industries as the component, unlike the commonly used bronze, is highly abrasion-resistant.

The platter is supported on a tungsten carbide ball (YG8) and a Teflon washer is fitted between the ball and the steel core for noise reduction. The POM bearing base is rigidly bolted to the inner layer of the plinth.

The bearing is manually polished for minimal friction.

A brushless DC motor is embedded in the plinth for minimizing vibrations transmitted to the platter and tonearm.

Thanks to the digital reflection sensor (2020)/ Signal from HALL sensor (2021)  and driver programmed by BennyAudio, the turntable speed adjusts automatically every few revolutions with an accuracy of 12 bits (4096 accuracy positions, an equivalent of 0.8 mV voltage change).  

Manual switch between 33.33 and 45 RPM with a push of an illuminated button also available during playback.

The speed deviation measured digitally (gyro – WOW 2sigma) during disc playback is +/- between 0.08 and 0.02%

Speed accuracy +/- 0.35%

12V DC ultra linear power supply from a Polish manufacturer