Technical specification

Model: Odyssey

In production: 2023 (prototype), 2024 Official

Dimmensions: 242 (H), 400 (W), 400 (D)
Dimmension with one tonearm: max 230mm + regular W and D
Weight: 59 kg (without tonearm)
Number of tonearms : Up to 3 tonearms (4 mounting points)
Isolation feet: Stainless steel with ceramic insert (8 total)

Tonearm weight: 0,52 kg (14 inch)
Base weigth: 1,5 kg
Length: 9 to 14 inches
Headshell: Carbon Fiber (4,7g), Titanium (14,9g)
Effective weigth (14 inch): 18g (Carbon fiber headshell) - 31g (titanium headshell). Final effective weigth depends on cartridge used

Power supply: ULPS DC power supply
AC input voltage : 110V or 220V (set by switch)
DC output voltage : 12 VDC
DC wire and plug : 2 wire cable, GX16 plug

Rotational speed: 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm
Motor: 1 BLDC, 3 phase, 8 pole 20W
Motor mount: External steel case
Speed guidance system: Continuous open loop feedback
Sensors type: Motor HALL Sensors
Correction cycle: Every 1 rotation(corresponding number of HALL sensor pulses)
Speed Monitoring: HALL Sensor counting VS time
Correction steps: 16 steps set on front panel
Drive belt: 1 VMQ belt , 3mm diameter

Additional features: Soft start (<20 seconds), soft stop, last speed save, auto corrections, 13 back light colors, 6 step dimmer
Wow&Flutter : 0,07% (best run measured and saved on IOS RPM Speed app)

Upper platter: Delrin, black, 300mm dia 5 kg
Mid platter : Stainless steel, 300m dia 8 kg Lower platter: Stainless steel, 200mm dia, 4 kg
Main bearings: Hydrodynamic inverted sleeve and ball (aluminium alloy, PEEK sleeve)
Shaft type: 15mm hardened stainless steel
Ball type: YG8 10mm sintered carbide
Lubricant: High viscosity synthetic oil, oil refill from top of the platter

Service interval: 3 years (oil refill)
Service life: lifetime

Retail price: 29520 EUR (24000 EUR VAT Excluded)

Introducing the Odyssey - The Apex of Audio Engineering
The BennyAudio Odyssey represents the zenith of our relentless pursuit of audio perfection. More than just a turntable, the Odyssey is the culmination of over seven years of meticulous research, design innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This model is not only the latest addition to our esteemed lineup but also our most advanced and refined creation yet.
Join the Odyssey
The BennyAudio Odyssey is not just our pride; it's a journey into the depths of audio brilliance. We welcome you to join us in this journey, to experience firsthand the pinnacle of turntable craftsmanship and the ultimate in sound excellence.

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