Technical specification

Model: Odyssey

In production: 2023 (prototype)

Weight: 50 kg

Dimensions in mm: 200/440/440 (height/depth/width without arm)

Drive: One DC motor in a separate housing, separated from the plinth
Supply voltage: 12 VDC
Speed control: Automatic every 1 revolution
Speed range: 33 and 45 rpm
+/- 8 degrees speed correction available.

3-layer plinth made of aluminum and delrin. Weight: 18 kg.
Up to 3 tonearms available

3-piece plate: INOX 200mm 4kg, INOX 300mm 8kg, Delrin 300mm 5kg

Bearing: Inverted hydrodynamic

Clamp: Inox

Power supply: ULPS 12 VDC

Available finishes: Matte black structural powder coating, INOX

Work on the Odyssey model began in 2021. Already then, the initial concept and design assumptions were created.

Over time and through tests, the turntable took its final shape.

The drive's rotational parameters (wow & flutter) are among the best in the world (RPM application for IOS).

The exceptionally stable arm is based on experience from the Immersion II model - it is 14 inches, direct wiring and increased stiffness. The tests showed the absence of resonances in the range of 20-20kHz.

Odyssey is an uncompromising design that can compete with the best high-end turntables on the market.