Model: Immersion II

In production: since 2022

Weight: 30 kg

Dimensions in mm: 200/300/485 (height/depth/width)

Drive: One DC motor
Supply voltage: 12 VDC
Speed control: Automatic every 1 revolution
Speed range: 33 and 45 rpm

Plate: Delrin
Plate weight: 7.5 kg

Bearing: Inverted hydrodynamic

Clamp: Inox

Power supply: ULPS 12 VDC

Available finishes: Matte black structural powder coating, natural lacquered veneer or 3M high quaiity wrap

Retail price: 13407 EUR (10900 EUR VAT Excluded)

Technical specification

The Immersion II model includes changes in the drive and tonearm.
The plinth is thicker than a 10mm MDF board. The attachment of the arm to the plinth and the engine controls have been changed.
The platter and bearing remained unchanged.
The arm has been completely redesigned. It's still 12.5 inches. The wiring was changed to Albedo silver monocrystalline, Furutech RCA sockets, on-the-fly VTA and optional oil damping were added.