Technical specification

Model: Immersion

In production: 2020 - 2021.

Weight: 29 kg

Dimensions in mm: 200/300/485 (height/depth/width)

Drive: One DC motor
Supply voltage: 12 VDC
Speed control: Automatic every 3 revolutions
Speed range: 33 and 45 rpm

Plate: Delrin
Plate weight: 7.5 kg

Bearing: Inverted hydrodynamic

Clamp: Inox

Power supply: ULPS 12 VDC Available finishes: Matte black structural powder coating, natural lacquered veneer or 3M high quality wrap

The Immersion model is a development of the concept of its older brother - the T1 model. In Immersion, several solutions have been simplified without negatively affecting the turntable's parameters.

Immersion is also visually "slimmer", although it weighs almost as much as the muscular T1.