Let your vinyls show their soul with the BennyAudio Turntable

The history of the turntable dates back to the 19th century...

... and although the design or recording standards of vinyl records have changed a lot since then, one thing remains the same - the idea. The turntable is still an analog device, although full of modern solutions.

BennyAudio turntables are a tribute to the classics of the genre. The classic form of the plinth, classic tonearm, intuitive but still manual operation - it's a simple but uncompromising design that hides advanced solutions and modern materials.

We do everything to ensure your vinyl records sound as true as possible, and each record tells its own unique story, even if it plays with scratches and crackles.


The path from an idea to implementation is long lasting and demanding. It goes through concept sketches, technical drawings, 3D modeling in CAD tools, prototyping and verification of the impact of the project on the final sound.

Each of the available turntable models has gone through this difficult path to finally obtain the highest quality product with a unique design and sound.

Customer opinion is very important to us - thanks to them we can introduce minor improvements in subsequent production series.

Technical specification
The details below may differ depending on the turntable version.


You can test the BennyAudio turntable in various configurations at the showroom of our partner Media-Hit in Gliwice, Poland.

It is also possible to visit our potential costomers (up tp 200 km from Gliwice) and listen to the turntable on-silte. In that case please contact us web contact form.

You can buy the BennyAudio turntable from our partner, Media-Hit in Gliwice, Poland or order it directly from the manufacturer via the web contact form. 

Please contact us before visiting Media-Hit showroom to confirm turntable availability.

Each turntable is made to order and the lead-in time is 1-2 months.